Tampa Mayor Castor Catches 70 Pounds of Cocaine on Fishing Trip

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor recently made an unexpected discovery while on a fishing trip with her family off the Florida Keys. During their mahi-mahi fishing day, they spotted a mysterious package floating in the water. Upon closer inspection, they realized it was 70 pounds of cocaine, valued at around $1.1 million.

Castor, a former Tampa Police Department chief, recognized the contents immediately. The family retrieved the package, which was wrapped in deteriorating plastic and contained tightly packed cocaine bricks. The find took place off Marathon in the Middle Keys.

Castor reported the discovery to local authorities and federal agents took over the investigation. This incident was part of a series of drug discoveries in the area, with other boaters stumbling upon marijuana and more cocaine in the weeks leading up to Castor’s find.

Despite the unexpected interruption, Castor’s family continued their vacation, enjoying diving and fishing activities, which resulted in catching about 60 lobsters.

Images/Source: TampaBayTimes

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