Gillette Angler Revolutionizes Fishing Bait

Ray Bergeman, the founder of Rather Be Fishing Tackle, has introduced a groundbreaking fishing bait system, available at Rocky Mountain Discount Sports in Gillette. Inspired by his childhood memories of using corn as fish bait, Bergeman aimed to create an eco-friendly and locally sourced alternative to attract fish.

Bergeman’s innovative Scent Line System, now patent-pending, offers a fresh approach to traditional fishing methods. The system incorporates plexiglass tubes, weights, and pellet-like bait, allowing anglers to control the amount of scent or bait released into the water. Notably different from conventional fishing gear, the system has gained attention for its effectiveness and sustainability.

The bait used in the system is designed to be environmentally friendly and safe for fish and aquatic life. Made in collaboration with Optimal Fish Food, it promotes fish growth and health. The scent distribution system, which can be attached to a downrigger or used in a hanging tube, enables anglers to regulate the release of scent or bait. This attracts fish to the area, enhancing the fishing experience for all.

Local store owner Brandon McArtor quickly recognized the uniqueness of Bergeman’s invention and proudly featured it on the shelves of Rocky Mountain Discount Sports. Bergeman’s dedication to local collaboration and support, including assistance from Gillette College’s makerspace and Area 59 employees, has been vital to his success. He emphasizes the importance of local initiatives and teamwork in turning innovative ideas into tangible products that benefit the community.

Jerry and Gerveann Hutchinson were the first locals to invest in Bergeman’s system, testifying to its potential. The Hutchinsons have successfully tried the system in various locations, catching a range of fish species. Bergeman is excited about the prospect of his system revolutionizing ice fishing as well, with the tube system or downrigger weight offering unique advantages in confined spaces.

Despite his own aspirations for bigger catches, Bergeman recognizes the broader impact of his invention. He believes that by using his system, others will catch larger fish, benefiting everyone in the fishing community. Bergeman’s innovation pays homage to the past while ushering in a new era of fishing bait technology, ensuring that the thrill of the catch continues for generations to come.

Images/Source: GilletteNewsRecord

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