Optimal Times to Make a Splash in Fishing

In the realm of bass fishing, subtlety often reigns supreme due to increased fishing pressure and technological advancements. However, there are moments when breaking away from finesse fishing can lead to success. Let’s explore these unconventional scenarios.

Inspiration from Hunting

An anecdote from a hunter shed light on a concept applicable to fishing. This hunter would drop persimmons from a tree stand to attract deer with the sound. This technique got me thinking about instances in fishing where drawing attention might be beneficial.

Drawing Attention Strategically

While finesse presentations are generally important, some scenarios warrant a splash upon entry. This approach has yielded results, even for the best anglers. Aaron Martens, a finesse fishing expert, used a splash tactic to win $100,000 in a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament. He mimicked a baby blackbird falling from a nest by creating a splash with his bait in reeds.

Luring During Insect Hatches

Insect hatches, like mayflies, create a competitive feeding environment. A splashy entry with a topwater bait alerts bass to the presence of prey. This approach can trigger immediate strikes, especially after a moment of stillness. Skipping larger topwater baits like hollow body frogs can also simulate fleeing prey.

Using Splash with Wakebaits

Big wakebaits replicate the sound of non-aquatic prey entering water. In scenarios where subtlety is less crucial, allowing these baits to splash can attract bass. When blind casting near cover, the splash can draw bass to the bait’s vicinity. The technique also works to redirect fish from cover, increasing strike commitment.

Unconventional Situations

Splash techniques are effective in various scenarios, such as fishing near bluegill beds or open water. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s intended to spark creativity. Share your experiences with aggressive presentations on social media to contribute to the angling community’s understanding.

In the dynamic world of fishing, sometimes making a splash can be the key to unlocking success.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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