The Advantages of Using Square Bill Crankbaits in Summer

As summer heats up across the US, it’s time to adjust your fishing strategies. While hoodies and jeans give way to shorts and sunscreen, one thing remains consistent: the effectiveness of square bill crankbaits even during the hot season.

Year-Round Appeal

Square bill crankbaits are renowned for their spring prowess in bass fishing, but their success extends into other seasons too. From fall to winter and even summer, these lures maintain their effectiveness. In fact, they’re a reliable go-to bait regardless of the time of year, making them a staple in many anglers’ arsenals.

Summer and Winter Parallels

Both summer and winter see a shift in bass behavior, as many fish move to deeper waters. Standard-size square bills typically dive no deeper than 5 feet, aligning well with these seasons’ conditions. While you might get fewer bites in the shallows during these periods compared to spring and fall, square bills can still be productive.

Choosing the Right Size

In the summer, it’s essential to downsize your square bill crankbaits. A more subtle bait, like the Bandit 100, is effective due to its rounded corners and body, creating a gentle rocking action. Bass in the heat are less willing to expend energy, making smaller, easier meals more enticing.

Tactics in the Heat

In the warmer months, bass are recuperating from the rigors of spawning and are often found in shallower waters. A subtle square bill allows you to cover more ground than bulkier options. You’ll notice that bass in summer respond well to slightly smaller baits.

Summer-Specific Techniques

Unlike winter, when coaxing strikes might be necessary, bass in the summer are more willing to chase and hit baits on the first pass. Casting between covers can yield bites, unlike the less fruitful winter months.

Adjusting Your Setup

Loosen your drag and consider using a slightly heavier line to accommodate the lively fights that summer bass engage in. Opt for around 17-pound test fluorocarbon for larger fish and rough cover. For those daring enough, braided line can work wonders, especially when paired with the right rod and drag settings.

Square Bill Fishing All Year Round

Remember, square bill crankbaits aren’t limited by seasons. Their versatility makes them a valuable asset year-round. Embrace these techniques and tackle the summer waters with confidence, as you aim to create unforgettable angling memories.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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