Monster Mahi Mahi: Washington Fisherman Hooks Record-breaking 21-pound Catch

The waters off Westport, Washington, have yielded a jaw-dropping surprise as an angler reeled in a colossal 21-pound mahi mahi fish, setting a new record.

Renowned for its vibrant colors and swift movements, this dolphinfish, also known as dorado, made its mark at an impressive 48 inches in length. The extraordinary catch took place 42 miles off the coast on August 25, as confirmed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

This spectacular feat shattered the previous state record for mahi mahi, which stood at 16.27 pounds and was captured by Albert DaSilva in 2013 near Ilwaco.

The accomplished angler behind this remarkable achievement is none other than La Fontaine, a seasoned fisherman with over a decade of experience exploring the Washington coastline in pursuit of tuna, lingcod, halibut, and salmon. Despite his extensive fishing background, La Fontaine expressed his gratitude for the chance to snag such an extraordinary specimen.

Ad ChoicesUnleash your fishing potential with expert tips. SPONSORED CONTENT Unleash your fishing potential with expert tips. By TAKEMEFISHING.ORG Reflecting on the accomplishment, La Fontaine said, “I owe immense thanks to Keith Johnson, Darrell Johnson, Raymond ParaΓ­so, and Aden Kallerson of Far Corners Adventures Sport Fishing. Their unwavering dedication to offshore charters opened the door for me to make this remarkable connection with the fish.”

While the majority of mahi mahi captured in Washington typically weigh between 6 to 12 pounds, Fontaine’s exceptional catch showcases striking similarities to those found in warmer waters like California, Mexico, and Hawaii, as noted by the WDFW.

The monumental 21-pounder was reeled in aboard Captain Keith Johnson’s boat, using a plastic squid lure to entice the brilliantly colored creature. Upon return to the Westport dock, the fish underwent scrutiny from a WDFW biologist and was subsequently weighed. Fontaine’s record-breaking feat was thoroughly assessed by WDFW, ultimately granting him well-deserved recognition for his extraordinary accomplishment.

Image/Source: KIRO7

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