How to Properly Clean and Lube Your Fly Fishing Reel

So, you’ve got yourself a fancy fly fishing reel. Congrats! But wait, before you start bragging about your swanky gear, remember that even the coolest reels need some tender loving care. Yes, that means it’s time to clean and lube your reel. No, we’re not talking about putting it through a spa day, but trust us, your reel will thank you with smoother performance and less angsty grumbling.

Cleaning a Fly Reel: Not as Boring as Watching Paint Dry!

Fly fishing reels are like the divas of fishing gear – they demand attention and detest dirt. The horror! Cleaning and maintaining them is like giving them a spa day, minus the cucumber slices. We’re here to guide you through the process with more humor than a stand-up comedy show.

So, What’s on the Menu?

Here’s the reel deal of what you’ll need to get your reel spick and span. Think of it as assembling your cleaning superhero squad:

  1. Screwdriver(s)
  2. Bucket or Sink (no, not for a fishy bath)
  3. Mild Soap or Detergent (nothing too fancy, don’t go using bubble bath)
  4. Rubber and Plastic Safe Grease (for that reel TLC)
  5. Toothbrush (no, not yours, a dedicated fishing toothbrush)
  6. Q-Tips or Cotton Swabs (tiny cleaners for tiny parts)
  7. Water (wet stuff)
  8. Optional Items: A small tray for not losing bits, and a camera for reel-time memories.

Reel Cleaning: Step Up Your Detective Game

  1. Taking Apart: Think of this like a reverse jigsaw puzzle. Disassemble with care, you don’t want a pile of parts like leftover pizza.
  2. Organization is Key: If you’re prone to losing things, treat your disassembled reel like a crime scene. Label those parts like a pro detective and avoid the “Oops, where did this screw come from?” moment.
  3. O-Ring Operation: Remove the O-ring gently. If it’s as gritty as your uncle’s jokes, give it a rinse. Avoid soap – O-rings don’t like bubble baths.
  4. It’s Screw-y Business: Time to play with screws. Handle them with care; they’re not toys. Remove them like a pro treasure hunter and keep any washer sidekicks.
  5. Spindle Splendor: Off with the plastic spindle! Say hello to the one-way bearing. Remove, rinse, repeat.

Cleaning: Because Clean Reels Catch More Fish (Not Really)

  1. Soapy Adventure: Your reel’s off for a spa day. Dunk it in a soapy bucket. Don’t overdo the soap – we’re not trying to create a bubble monster.
  2. Brushing Bliss: Scrub away that grime like you’re cleaning up after a paintball fight. Your reel should look fresher than a morning lily.
  3. Dry Drama: Dry your parts – moisture and grease aren’t party pals. You’re not hosting a rust reunion.

Reel Lube: The Spa Treatment for Reel Royalty

  1. The Greasy Affair: Grease up the main shaft like you’re making a tiny sandwich. Less is more, like the trendy avocado toast.
  2. Bearing Buffet: Pack the bearing with grease love. Be thorough; those tiny bearings need your attention more than your cat.

Put It All Back Together: Reel Reassembly Show

Reassembly time! If you’ve kept your parts organized, this should be smoother than a buttered slide. Slide and screw – it’s like adult Legos!

Ongoing Care: Reel-y, It’s That Simple!

  1. Store Dry: Reels hate wet feet. Rinse, dry, repeat.
  2. No Mud Baths: Your reel ain’t a pig – no mud baths, please. Use grass, logs, your shoulder – just not mud.
  3. Wax On: Add carnauba wax for extra moisture defense. Your reel will thank you.

Fish On!

Cleaning your reel isn’t as daunting as deep-sea diving. Schedule this reel-maintenance party annually or more if your reel’s a party animal. Feel the difference – your reel will sing a smoother tune than your shower concert.

Hope this guide reeled you in with laughter while teaching you the ropes. Now, go give that reel the royal treatment, minus the crown!

Images/Source: EddyOutfitters

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