Luiza and Jimmy Go Scalloping and Deep Sea Fishing in Crystal River, Florida

Florida is a great place for all kinds of angling, but scalloping in Crystal River is the ultimate fishing experience. Watch as Luiza and Brittany go scalloping and Jimmy hauls in a moster grouper in the beautiful waters of the Sunshine State.

Did you see how many scallops Brittany and Luiza harvested? It was a bounty to say the least, and you can bet they tasted great. Jimmy was having a blast in Crystal River and he was hauling in some monster fish. As you just saw he landed a huge grouper and brought it home for dinner.

If you’ve ever been on the look out for a great destination fishing spot, consider checking out Cyrstal River. There are plenty of angling adventures to be had and plenty of fish to catch.

Source: FishingWithLuiza

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