This is How You Catch Blue Crabs Like a Pro

Catching blue crabs can be an enjoyable and easily mastered technique, often overlooked by adults pursuing other game species. Rediscover the thrill of crabbing with these methods:

  1. Wading: A simple and inexpensive way to catch crabs. With a long-handled net, bucket, and water shoes, wade into shallow areas parallel to the shoreline at night. Slowly dip your net behind or to the side of a crab and scoop it up.
  2. Hand Line: Use a handline with bait and a net. Cast the line, wait for a bite, then pull in the line and scoop the crab with the net.
  3. Traps: Set collapsible box/pyramid traps or hoop nets with bait, wait for crabs to arrive, and pull up the traps after 15-20 minutes.
  4. Trotline: Deploy a long line with bait and weights from a boat, check for crabs later.

Tips for success:

  • Bait: Fish or chicken work well. Chicken lasts longer, while fish attracts more crabs. Clams are suitable for trotlines. Break clam shells for better scent release.
  • Location: Crabs prefer shallow areas near structures like docks and piers, often during a moving tide.
  • Timing: Late summer is usually most productive, with nighttime being a good time for wading.
  • Movement: Crabs move laterally, aiding net placement. Be ready with the net when crabs move.
  • Regulations: Know local crabbing rules regarding season, size, creel limits, and devices allowed.
  • Bonus Tip: When wading, drop small bait pieces in the water as you go, and return along the same path to find crabs hunting the bait.

Relive the excitement of crabbing and have a successful crab-catching experience!

Images/Source: SaltyScales

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