Branch Out Your Angling Tactics and Learn How to Stick Float Fish

If you’ve ever wondered what stick float fishing is all about, but been to afraid to try it this video will show you the basics. Check out what it takes to go stick float fishing and see if it could work in our local fishing hole.

As you just saw stick float fishing provides a great avenue to be more connected with the lure/bait because you can both see and feel when the fish bites. Similar to a traditional bobber the stick float is pulled underwater when a fish hits the line.

A key point to remember when using stick floats is to match the size of the float to the flow of the river. When the river is small and slow a tiny float will do, but if it’s bigger and more turbulent a larger float is needed. Another thing to remember is that the line should be as straight as possible from tip to float, and this can be achieved by mending as the bait floats downstream.

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, try stick float fishing in your neck of the woods.

Source: AnglingDirectTV

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