2-Year-Old’s First Fishing Trip Lands Him a Photo Contest Win

In a heartwarming tale of beginners’ luck, a 2-year-old boy from Alabama has reeled in not just his first fish but also a victory in the Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association’s 2023 Best Fish Photo Contest.

Brandon Hornsby and his wife, Tiffany, decided to introduce their son, Bry, to the joys of fishing during a visit to a private pond owned by family and friends in Notasulga. Little did they know that this outing would lead to Bry’s first-ever fishing triumph.

The fishing excursion began like many family outings, with the hope of spending quality time together outdoors. Brandon reminisces, “We took him over there one evening just to get him out of the house. He’d never been fishing. His mom loves fishing. It’s hard to keep a 2-year-old’s attention, as you can imagine, so we were just sitting on the bank fishing.”

But what happened next turned the day into an unforgettable adventure. As Bry attempted to cast his miniature fishing pole, his enthusiasm exceeded his skills, and the bait barely made it into the water. As Brandon assisted his son in reeling the line back in, a fish decided to take the bait. In a stroke of pure serendipity, Bry found himself with a fish on the lineβ€”his very first catch.

The moment of their shared victory was captured in a heartwarming photo featuring Brandon and Bry, which garnered more than 1,300 votes online and secured Bry’s victory in the photo contest.

As the proud winner of the Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association’s 2023 Best Fish Photo Contest, Bry will receive a prize package valued at $250. This package includes an assortment of Road Runner crappie and bass fishing lures generously donated by TTI Blakemore.

Pam Swanner, Executive Director of the Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association, expressed her delight in seeing the joy of fishing shared through the contest’s entries. “This region is blessed with so many lakes, rivers, and streams, and the Best Fish Contest is intended to celebrate the summer fishing season and encourage people to enjoy our natural resources,” Swanner noted. “Bry’s winning photo with his dad definitely showcases the family memories made in the outdoors.”

In the end, it was a simple family fishing trip that not only created cherished memories but also crowned a 2-year-old as a fishing champion. Bry’s accidental catch serves as a reminder of the timeless joy that comes from bonding in the great outdoors and the unpredictable magic of fishing.

Images/Source: WDHN

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