40-Year-Old Kansas State Fishing Record Shattered by Parsons Bow-Angler

In an awe-inspiring display of angling prowess, Michal Starr Jr., a skilled bow-angler hailing from Parsons, Kansas, has etched his name into the annals of the state’s fishing history. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) recently announced that Starr has achieved the remarkable feat of breaking a 40-year-old state fishing record, setting a new standard for anglers to aspire to.

According to Nadia Marji, the spokeswoman for KDWP, this monumental achievement transpired earlier this year when Michal Starr Jr. reeled in a colossal spotted gar during a fishing excursion at the picturesque Big Hill Reservoir in Labette County. The awe-inspiring spotted gar measured an impressive 34.5 inches in length and tipped the scales at an astonishing 7.98 pounds. Starr’s catch was not only a testament to his angling skills but also a reflection of the thriving aquatic ecosystems in Kansas.

The significance of Starr’s accomplishment is underscored by the fact that it ended a four-decade reign of another renowned bow-angler, Charles Harbert of Arma, who previously held the state fishing record for spotted gar. Harbert’s record-setting gar was snagged at Chetopa Dam in 1983 and boasted a length of 33.5 inches, with a weight of 7.75 pounds. Starr’s catch, measuring an inch longer and slightly heavier, now stands as a testament to the continuous evolution of fishing techniques and the conservation efforts that have contributed to the flourishing fish populations in Kansas waters.

The spotted gar, known for its prehistoric appearance and distinctive long snout filled with sharp teeth, is a species that has long fascinated anglers and conservationists alike. Its presence in Kansas waters speaks to the state’s commitment to maintaining diverse and healthy aquatic ecosystems.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks commends Michal Starr Jr. for his remarkable achievement and encourages all anglers to practice responsible fishing and contribute to the preservation of the state’s rich aquatic biodiversity. Starr’s record-breaking catch serves as a reminder of the boundless possibilities that await those who venture out to explore Kansas’ natural beauty and diverse fishery resources.

As the news of Michal Starr Jr.’s accomplishment reverberates throughout the angling community in Kansas, it is sure to inspire both seasoned anglers and newcomers to cast their lines in pursuit of their own memorable catches. With the spirit of conservation and respect for nature, the waters of Kansas continue to offer exciting opportunities for anglers to create their own fishing legends, just as Michal Starr Jr. has done with his record-breaking spotted gar.

Image/Source: KSNT

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