9 Types of Fishing Hooks You Should Know

Fishing hooks are essential tools for anglers, but with so many options available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Here’s a quick overview of the top 9 types of fishing hooks and their common uses:

1. Aberdeen Hook: Originally designed for salmon fishing, these thin-wire hooks are great for live bait, especially in areas with lots of cover.

2. Artificial Bait Hook: Also known as “worm hooks,” these wide-gapped hooks are designed for soft body lures and are often used with plastic worms.

3. Bait Holder Hook: Ideal for holding bait in place, these hooks are favored by anglers using dead bait or nightcrawlers.

4. Circle Hook: These hooks have a circular shape and are designed to hook fish in the corner of the mouth, reducing damage and improving catch and release.

5. Jig Hook: Used in making jigs or flies, these hooks are versatile and great for soft body lures, live bait, or under popping corks.

6. Kahle Hook: Similar to circle hooks but with the point facing the eye, these hooks are favored for live bait and catch-and-release fishing.

7. Octopus Hook: These hooks have short shanks and are designed for optimal bait action, making them great for live or dead bait.

8. Siwash Hook: Often used as replacement hooks for treble hooks, Siwash hooks have open eyes for easy attachment to lures.

9. O’Shaughnessy Hook: Strong and versatile, these hooks are popular in saltwater fishing, and they come in both short and long shank varieties.

Understanding these hook types will help you choose the right one for your fishing needs. Happy fishing!

Images/Source: FloridaSportsman

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