Climate Change Impacting Michigan Hunting and Fishing, Urges Action

A coalition of Michigan hunting, fishing, and conservation groups is highlighting the growing impact of climate change on the state’s outdoors and wildlife. Warming global temperatures are threatening key fish and game species, stressing forests, and altering animal territories and migration patterns. The coalition, known as the Changing Seasons workgroup, emphasizes the need for strategic approaches to stream restoration, land animal territory shifts, and renewable energy development. Michigan must address these issues to protect its $11.2 billion hunting and fishing economy and the vital natural resources it relies on.

While they support clean energy discussions, the coalition emphasizes the urgency of preparing for the climate changes already occurring. They stress the importance of proactive measures, such as river restoration efforts to cool warming waters for native fish species. The coalition’s report outlines the threats facing Michigan’s outdoor economy, which is a significant part of the state’s identity and a major funding source for the Department of Natural Resources. While some lawmakers still dispute climate change, others acknowledge the need for action.

The coalition hopes to inspire lawmakers to consider climate change in their agendas and spending priorities during the ongoing session. The report highlights the importance of protecting Michigan’s environment to sustain its outdoor traditions and economy.

Images/Source: BridgeMichigan

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