The Berkley MaxScent Creature Hawg is a Must-Have Flipping Bait

The Berkley MaxScent Creature Hawg stands out as an essential flipping bait for bass fishing, especially during the fall season. Designed for heavy tackle and fishing in thick cover, this 4-inch bait boasts several unique features that make it a go-to choice for many anglers.

Its ribbed body with a streamlined profile serves multiple purposes: enhancing scent release, creating water movement, and concealing the hook point, which proves invaluable when navigating heavy cover with plenty of snags. Additionally, the Creature Hawg is infused with Berkley’s renowned MaxScent formula, known for its fish-attracting solubility.

The MaxScent formula’s ability to attract fish from a distance and make them hold onto the bait longer is particularly beneficial, especially when targeting scent-sensitive species like smallmouth bass. It excels in bodies of water shared by both largemouth and smallmouth bass, such as the Tennessee River.

During the fall, bluff walls become prime locations for bass feeding before winter sets in. The strong current along these walls compels fish to hug them closely, making the Creature Hawg an excellent choice for flipping. Its streamlined profile and scent attract fish positioned against the wall, waiting to intercept baitfish carried by the current.

Another successful approach is flipping the Creature Hawg around clumps of grass, a favored hiding spot for bass. Concealed within the thickest parts of the grass, bass lie in wait for unsuspecting baitfish to venture near. The Creature Hawg’s streamlined profile and fish-attracting scent make it an ideal candidate for this technique.

To maximize success when fishing the Creature Hawg around thick cover, the right setup is crucial. Opt for a heavy rod with a high gear ratio reel. A heavier rod provides the strength and control needed when reeling in fish from dense cover. A longer rod offers greater leverage over fish in such environments. A recommended choice is the Dobyns Champion XP 7-foot 3-inch Heavy casting rod.

For the reel, a decent-sized spool with a high gear ratio is preferred. A larger spool accommodates heavier gauge line for navigating thick cover, and a faster gear ratio aids in quickly reeling in fish post-hook set while improving overall casting efficiency. The Shimano Curado MGL 150 with an 8:1 gear ratio is a suitable reel for flipping the Berkley Creature Hawg.

The Berkley MaxScent Creature Hawg is an exceptional flipping bait suitable for various fall scenarios. Whether you’re targeting bluff walls, grassy areas, or other types of cover, this bait’s impregnated scent and proven effectiveness make it a fantastic choice for bass anglers.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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