Delware Angler Catches Largest Freshwater Fish in State’s History

Delaware has seen a remarkable fishing record in recent times, with the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife confirming a new state record blue catfish. Sydney McBroom of Bridgeville achieved this feat, landing a colossal 53-pound blue catfish that measured 46.5 inches in length on the Nanticoke River. This extraordinary catch occurred just 20 days after another Bridgeville angler, Chris Andrews, set the previous record with a 48-pound, 7.2-ounce blue catfish from the same fertile catfishing waters.

McBroom’s impressive catch now stands as the fifth state record of the 2023 Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament. However, what sets this achievement apart is the angler’s humble approach. McBroom stated, “I don’t fish for attention, I fish for fun, I fish for me.” He attributed his success to dedication and patience, emphasizing that one must put in the time and effort on the water.

Cpl. Kyle Wharton, Delaware Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Police, officially certified McBroom’s record-breaking catch at Lewes Harbour Marina in Lewes. This latest blue catfish record not only surpassed Andrews’ record but also exceeded the previous record set in April 2022 by four ounces. For those interested in Delaware’s fishing records for both freshwater and saltwater species, a comprehensive list can be found on the DNREC website.

The 2023 Delaware Fishing Guide and provide more information about the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament and state record fish. These resources are available in printed form from the DNREC Fisheries Section, the Licensing Desk in DNREC’s main office in Dover, and various license agents across the state. It’s a testament to Delaware’s thriving fishing scene, where records are continuously being broken by dedicated anglers like Sydney McBroom.

Image/Source: Wired2Fish

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