‘Monster’ 283-Pound Alligator Gar Fish Sets Potential Records in Texas

In an astonishing angling feat, Kentucky fisherman Art Weston, 52, reeled in a colossal 283-pound alligator gar fish while fishing in Texas’ Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Fishing guide Kirk Kirkland, who was guiding Weston on the trip, described the catch as an “angler’s dream.”

This remarkable catch is now under review by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) for potentially setting two records. The first is the All-Tackle World Record for alligator gar, which currently stands at 279 pounds, set in 1951. The second record is for the largest gar caught with a 6-pound test line.

Weston, a seasoned fisherman with 56 IGFA records, had no intention of setting records on that fateful day. When the pair began taking measurements of the fish and placed it on the scale, both were astounded. The alligator gar measured 100 inches long with a 48-inch girth. The scale continued to climb until it hit 283 pounds.

Now, the fish has the potential to beat a 72-year-old record. Solomon David, an aquatic ecologist, praised the decision to release the fish, emphasizing the importance of conservation for preserving the species and its future. These large alligator gars are a rare sight, and conserving them is vital to ensure their continued existence.

While awaiting the results of IGFA’s review, Weston is already considering his next record-chasing adventure in the world of musky fishing in Wisconsin.

Images/Source: People

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