Massive Rainbow Trout Stocked in Southeast Idaho Waters

Idaho Fish and Game, in collaboration with private Idaho hatcheries, Riverence-Lost River and Riverence-Soda Springs, has recently introduced a generous donation of rainbow trout broodstock into various small fisheries across southeast Idaho. These remarkable trout, ranging in size from 4 to 9 pounds, promise anglers thrilling opportunities to catch trophy-sized fish.

During the final two weeks of October, Idaho Fish and Game staff conducted a successful stocking effort, releasing over 1800 of these donated rainbow trout into several select fisheries, including Chesterfield Reservoir, Springfield Lake, McTucker Pond, Edson Fichter Pond, and Bannock Reservoir (Wellness Complex). This stocking initiative aims to enhance catch rates and provide anglers with extraordinary fishing experiences. These donated fish, retired after serving as broodstock for egg production, have found a new purpose in Fish and Game’s stocking program.

Here is a breakdown of the approximate weight and number of fish stocked in each water body:

  • Chesterfield Reservoir: 600 trout, each weighing around 4 pounds
  • Springfield Lake: 915 trout, each weighing around 5 pounds
  • McTucker Pond: 200 trout, each weighing around 6 pounds
  • Edson Fichter Pond: 65 trout, each weighing around 9 pounds
  • Bannock Reservoir: 65 trout, each weighing around 9 pounds

Notably, Idaho Fish and Game has previously witnessed the success of such stocking efforts. Last fall, donated broodstock were released into Chesterfield Reservoir, and anglers reported catching these fish throughout the winter. Additionally, recent surveys identified that Springfield Lake’s trout population was in need of support, and the introduction of these sizeable rainbow trout is expected to have an immediate positive impact on the fishery.

Image/Source: IdahoFish&Game

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