Innovative Fishing Bait System Takes Center Stage in Start-Up Challenge

Ray Bergeman, the mind behind Rather Be Fishing, LLC, has introduced a revolutionary fishing bait system. His invention allows anglers to control the release of bait or scent in the water, contributing to the health and growth of fish populations. Bergeman, a finalist in the Energy Capital Start-Up Challenge, emphasizes the simplicity and impact of his idea, hoping to inspire others to pursue their innovations.

The fishing bait system incorporates a scent distribution mechanism that can be attached to a downrigger, hung from a boat, or cast from shore. Anglers can regulate the amount of scent or bait released by twisting the tube, providing a versatile and effective fishing experience. Bergeman’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the system’s design, aiming to promote the growth of larger fish for future generations.

Rocky Mountain Discount Sports currently carries Bergeman’s products, and he also sells them online. As one of the finalists in the Energy Capital Start-Up Challenge, Bergeman looks forward to presenting his invention to judges and a live audience, with the chance to win from the $50,000 seed fund.

Bergeman’s vision extends beyond Wyoming, emphasizing the importance of diversifying the state’s economy by attracting new businesses. He underscores the significance of local collaboration, keeping manufacturing and packaging within the community.

Encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs, Bergeman advises seeking assistance and learning from those who have navigated similar paths. With plans to expand his market beyond Wyoming, Bergeman exemplifies the impact of innovative ideas and local support in shaping a brighter future for business.

Image/Source: GilletteNewsRecord

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