Lake Pontchartrain Fishing, an Angling Locale for Everyone

Lake Pontchartrain, an estuary formed 2,600–4,000 years ago, offers prime fishing opportunities. Connected to the Gulf of Mexico, it boasts an oval shape with a max length of 40 miles and a max width of 24 miles. Inshore fishing here is a delight, with an average depth of 12–14 feet and a max depth of 65 feet.

Notable Fish Species:

  • Atlantic Croaker
  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Flounder
  • Redfish
  • Sheepshead
  • Speckled Trout

Seasonal Fishing Tips:

  • Fall and winter are perfect for Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Flounder, Largemouth Bass, Redfish, and Sheepshead.
  • Summer brings Black Drum, Flounder, Jack Crevalle, Largemouth Bass, Redfish, Sheepshead, and even Speckled Trout with the right know-how.

Record Catches:

  • Largest Sheepshead: 21.25 pounds
  • Record Ladyfish: 4.64 pounds
  • Largest Speckled Trout: 11.99 pounds (Ranking No. 2 in Louisiana)

Fishing Forecast:

  • Spotted Seatrout: 65.12% catch rate
  • Red Drum: 11.16% catch rate
  • Sand Seatrout: 6.81% catch rate
  • Largemouth Bass: 4.38% catch rate
  • Sheepshead: 2.67% catch rate
  • Black Drum: 2.15% catch rate
  • Southern Flounder: 1.58% catch rate
  • Hardhead Catfish: 1.13% catch rate
  • Whiting: 1.08% catch rate
  • Blue Catfish: 0.9% catch rate

Recommendations based on 47 species and 20,839 fish counted for November.

Top 10 Fishing Spots:

  1. Platform
  2. Obstructions
  3. St. Tammany (east)
  4. St. Tammany (west)
  5. The Rigolets
  6. Catfish Point
  7. Bridge Span
  8. Trout Bayou
  9. Rabbit Ledge
  10. Wreck-9652

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Note: Check local laws before fishing. Data based on historical records since 1600.

Image/Source: FishingStatus

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