3 Tips for Enhancing Your Bass Lure’s Rizz

These days everyone is looking to increase their rizz and bass anglers are no different. Amplify the attractiveness of your favorite bass fishing lures with these simple modifications.

The Crooked Crank As a crankbait angler, ensuring your baits run perfectly straight is often a priority. However, there are situations where a slight deviation can work to your advantage. For instance, in areas with floating docks or wooden piers, adjusting your crankbait’s trajectory by bending the line tie with needle-nose pliers can make it dive more aggressively. This modification increases the chances of engaging less aggressive bass by bringing the lure directly into their living spaces.

Quick Note: Applying a similar tweak to buzzbaits for a lateral movement is also effective.

The Speed Spinner When speed is the key to triggering bites, modifying your spinnerbaits can make them more appealing to active bass. Most spinnerbaits have a tendency to roll over at a specific top speed, disrupting their tracking. To address this, add weight to the hook shank using Water Gremlin Rubbercor Sinkers. This low center of gravity prevents the spinnerbait from rolling over, enabling you to achieve higher speeds during retrieval. Consider adding a stinger hook for increased hooking percentage.

The Art Class Enhance your lure’s “rizz” by modifying its color and contrast. With Sharpie permanent markers and inexpensive nail polish, you can quickly and easily create a unique and eye-catching design. Darken specific areas for increased contrast, experiment with glittery options, or exaggerate features like eyes or gills. This creative touch not only boosts your lure’s appeal but also adds a personal touch to your fishing experience.

Image/Source: Men’sJournal

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