How to Winterize Your Fishing Tackle Like a Pro

Preparing for winter is crucial for maintaining the longevity and performance of your fishing gear. In this insightful article, we bring you winterization tips from the pros, with Wisconsin resident Gary Parsons of The Next Bite sharing his expertise. From winterizing his Mercury Marine rigged boat to storing rods, reels, tackle, and electronics, Parsons ensures that both he and his equipment are ready for action when spring arrives.

Winterization Tips from the Pros:

  • Check Tackleboxes: Remove tackleboxes from storage lockers, ensure they are dry inside, and stack them in a dry area. Store new lures in plastic bags within tackleboxes or plastic containers.
  • Inspect Hooks and Lures: Check for rusted hooks or lures, and remove them from boxes. Rusty hooks can lose sharpness, potentially affecting your next catch.
  • Properly Store Fishing Line: Store all fishing line in a dry area at room temperature to maintain its integrity.
  • Rod Storage: Store rods by hanging, using rod racks, or laying them horizontally on garage rafters. Ensure they are dry and straight. Consider removing reels and lubricating them before spring use.
  • Life Jacket Storage: Keep life jackets, especially inflatable ones, in a dry area. Check inflatable jackets to identify the CO2 cartridges needed for spring installation.
  • Organize Hooks and Plastics: Keep hooks and plastics organized in dry storage to prevent damage.
  • Electronics Maintenance: Remove electronics from the boat and store them inside in a dry, room-temperature environment.
  • Bulky Item Storage: Stow bulky items on shelves in tote boxes for organized winter storage.

By following these winterization tips from seasoned anglers like Gary Parsons, you can ensure that your fishing gear remains in top condition during the colder months. Taking the extra step to properly store tackle, rods, reels, and other equipment not only preserves their longevity but also guarantees a hassle-free start to the fishing season when spring arrives.

Image/Source: BoatTest

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