Mastering the Twilight Bite: 5 Tips for Evening Fishing

As the sun dips below the horizon, experienced anglers know that the evening bite can be a game-changer. During the Bass Pro Tour Stage Seven on Table Rock Lake, where the competition extended into the evening, pro anglers faced unique challenges and discovered effective strategies for late-day angling. Here are five tips to enhance your after-work fishing experience:

  1. Visual Clues Are Key: Pro angler David Walker emphasizes the importance of visually scanning the water’s surface during the evening. As daylight wanes, fish become more active. Look for visual clues like shad breaking the surface or bass making ripples. These signs can guide you to active fishing spots.
  2. Topwater Baits Shine: When selecting evening baits, Walker recommends various topwater options like walking baits or poppers. The key is to use noise-making baits that create a commotion on the water’s surface. Walker advises avoiding buzzbaits and opting for slower-twitching options for better results.
  3. Chase the Shade: Angler Josh Bertrand suggests focusing on shaded areas in the evening. Whether it’s a bank, bluff, or a point in the water, finding the right angle where the sun casts a shadow is crucial. In clear-water lakes, shade becomes a significant factor, and fish tend to move to shaded spots during the changing light conditions.
  4. Late-Day Crankbaiting: During warmer evenings, Arizona pro Josh Bertrand favors using a deep-diving crankbait. Specifically, he recommends the Berkley Dredger 20.5 or 17.5, reeled in quickly to trigger a reaction bite. Casting through a school of fish at the right angle and ripping the crankbait through can entice larger bites.
  5. Jerkbaits for Reactionary Bites: Pro angler Gerald Spohrer aligns with the preference for topwater and crankbaits but adds a jerkbait to the mix. He relies on the erratic movement of a jerkbait to trigger a reaction bite from active fish, especially when the wind dies down in the evening. The unpredictable motion of a jerkbait can be irresistible to fish tracking its path.

Incorporating these tips into your evening fishing routine can elevate your chances of a successful late-day catch. Whether you prefer topwater excitement, the swift action of crankbaits, or the unpredictable dance of a jerkbait, mastering the twilight bite adds a thrilling dimension to your angling adventures.

Images/Source: MLF

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