Bradley Roy’s Key Baits for Winter Fishing Success

Bradley Roy, renowned angler, challenges the notion that winter fishing is tough, suggesting it’s as opportune as any other season. He recently hosted a tournament on Lake Cumberland, experiencing unexpectedly impressive weights for a December event, even surpassing spring figures. Roy shares his go-to baits for winter angling, offering insights to enhance your cold-season fishing game.

  1. Wide and Tight Wobbling Crankbaits: Roy advocates for crankbaits as effective winter lures, emphasizing the importance of precision in selection. He favors the old-style Storm Wiggle Wart or SPRO RkCrawler for their substantial wobbling action. When temperatures drop, he shifts focus to crawfish colors over shad hues, covering water between 6 to 12 feet deep. Roy recommends a 7-foot to 7-foot-6 medium rod, a 6:1 reel, and 12-pound Seaguar AbrazX fluorocarbon for winter cranking success.
  2. Jigs with Quiet Trailers: When crankbaits don’t cut it, Roy suggests turning to jigs, especially in deeper waters. Opting for a 1/4-ounce D&L Tackle jig with a slower fall, he highlights the importance of a subtle trailer. Roy leans towards simplicity, using an old pork-style chunk. Downsizing his line to 15-pound fluorocarbon, a 7-foot-2 heavy rod, and a 7:1 reel, Roy creates an ideal setup for winter jigging.
  3. Small Swimbait: Roy’s final winter essential is a small swimbait, fished slowly along the bottom. Downsizing to a 3.3-inch or 3.8-inch swimbait on an Owner 3/8-ounce Ultrahead, he targets points or similar structures. Employing 10-pound fluorocarbon on a 6:1 reel and a medium or medium-heavy rod, Roy ensures a slow, enticing retrieve that’s crucial for winter swimbait success.

Bradley Roy’s winter arsenal combines precision, subtlety, and adaptability. Whether it’s the wide wobble of crankbaits, the finesse of jigs, or the slow dance of swimbaits, these baits, paired with the right gear and technique adjustments, could be the key to unlocking winter fishing success.

Images/Source: MajorLeagueFishing

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