These are the Best Topwater Lures for 2024

Enthusiastic anglers always crave the excitement of topwater fishing, considering its visual appeal in bass interaction. The thrill of using topwater lures is eagerly anticipated each year, and success hinges on knowledge of the best lures and the right time to use them.

Categories of Topwater Lures Understanding the six to seven key categories of topwater lures provides a foundation for memorable bass fishing experiences:

  1. Poppers
  2. Walkers
  3. Prop Baits
  4. Wake Baits
  5. Crawlers
  6. Frogs

A combination of these topwaters offers versatility and enjoyable ways to engage with bass. This article delves into each category, highlighting optimal usage and recommending top lures. Additionally, it provides insights into the best setups for successful topwater fishing.

Best Overall Topwater Lures for 2023

  1. Best Popper: Rebel Pop-R P71
    • Ideal for spring bass fishing in shallow areas near cover.
    • Effective in clear or stained water.
    • Iconic and revamped, featuring improved colors and sharp Gamakatsu trebles.
    • Affordable at $7.99.
  2. Best Walking Bait: Megabass Megadog
    • A 4-ounce giant swimbait designed for trophy bass.
    • Glides smoothly, easy on the angler’s arm.
    • Pricier but offers exceptional performance.
  3. Best Pencil Popper: Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil Bait
    • Suitable for walking in choppy conditions.
    • Effective on windy days in large waters.
    • Affordable alternative with similar walking bait features: Strike King Sexy Dawg.
  4. Best Wake Bait: PH Custom Lures Wake Up
    • Crafted through extensive research and angler consultation.
    • Minnow profile ideal for clear to mildly stained water.
    • Hand-tuned for perfection, albeit at a higher cost.
  5. Best Prop Bait: Berkley Choppo
    • Cost-effective and versatile prop bait.
    • Clean fishing, great sound, and durable.
    • Effective from March to November, providing a nine-month window of success.
  6. Best Frog: Strike King Popping Perch
    • Excellent for topwater fishing around heavy vegetation.
    • Versatile in various conditions and cover types.
    • Mimics bluegill effectively, available at an affordable price.

Topwater Setups Recommendations

  1. Frog Fishing Setup
    • Medium-Heavy to Heavy power rod (7 to 7 feet, 4 inches).
    • 65-pound braided line for increased strength.
    • Powerful reel for pulling fish through heavy cover.
  2. Poppers and Prop Baits Setup
    • Medium power rod (6 feet, 10 inches).
    • 15-pound monofilament line for versatility.
  3. Walking Baits and Larger Topwaters Setup
    • Medium-Heavy rod with braided line (around 40-pound).
    • Consider a short monofilament leader to prevent braid interference.

Having these setups ensures anglers are well-equipped for various topwater scenarios, making the fishing experience enjoyable from spring to late fall.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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