Anglers Land Impressive 8-Pound Salmon in Lake Colby

On a brisk Thursday morning, local fishing guide Richard Preis and his client embarked on a memorable ice fishing trip on Lake Colby, and they didn’t return empty-handed. Tackling the icy waters, they managed to hook an impressive nearly 9-pound salmon, marking a remarkable feat for both angler and guide alike.

Preis, boasting eight years of guiding experience with Adirondack All Seasons Guide Service, recounted the thrilling moment when the tip-up signaled a significant bite around 11 a.m. Initially, he suspected it to be just another perch, but as his client began pacing around the hole with fervent anticipation, Preis knew they were onto something substantial. Rushing to the scene, he prepared for the battle that ensued.

Describing the ensuing struggle, Preis revealed that it took a grueling 15 minutes to reel in the mighty salmon. “It was as big as the hole,” he remarked, emphasizing the daunting size of their catch. With skill and determination, they finally hoisted the prize onto the ice, eliciting exuberant cheers from his typically reserved client.

The salmon’s weathered appearance hinted at its age, with Preis speculating it to be around 36-38 inches in length. While Preis has encountered his fair share of salmon in Lake Colby, none have come close to rivaling the size of this behemoth. Typically weighing between 2 to 3 pounds, this colossal catch tipped the scales at an impressive 8.96 pounds, surpassing any previous records in the area.

Jon Herrman, a fish culturist at the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s Adirondack Fish Hatchery, shed light on the fish’s likely origins, attributing it to the landlocked Atlantic salmon stocked in Lake Colby in late November. These brood stocks, aged between 3 to 5 years, provide ample opportunities for anglers to reel in sizable catches, with this particular specimen likely reaching the 5-year mark.

Celebrating their triumphant catch, Preis and his client wasted no time in savoring the fruits of their labor, as they prepared the fish for a well-deserved dinner with neighbors. With such a remarkable haul, it was only fitting to share the bounty, and according to Preis, his neighbor’s culinary skills elevated the experience to new heights.

Image/Source: AdirondackDailyEnterprise

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