5 Frog Fishing Tips That Will Catch You More Bass

Frog-style baits are renowned for their effectiveness in working over weed mats. Unlike lures with exposed hooks that get tangled in the vegetation, lightweight and weedless frogs glide smoothly over the surface, making them a top choice for bass anglers.

While frogs excel in weed-infested waters, they are also versatile enough to be used in open water and around various types of cover. Here are five tips to help you maximize your success with frog fishing:

1. Skim Across The Weeds

Skimming a frog across matted vegetation is a popular and effective technique, albeit sometimes frustrating. By twitching your rod steadily, you can entice bass to strike as the frog glides over the mat. However, bass often miss the bait during these explosive strikes. To improve your hook-up ratio, allow the frog to pause momentarily when it reaches openings in the vegetation before resuming your retrieve.

2. Key On Weed Edges

When fishing shorter patches of weeds or lily pads, continue to work the frog in the same manner once it slides into open water. Constantly twitching your rod will cause the frog’s legs to kick, creating a lifelike action that can trigger aggressive strikes from bass lurking along the weed edges.

3. Try Wood Targets

Wooden structures such as lay-downs, overhanging willows, and cypress trees are prime locations to target with frog baits. Rapidly twitching the frog near these structures mimics the commotion of prey, making it irresistible to bass. Unlike buzz baits that must remain in constant motion, frogs can be paused to entice strikes, giving them a unique advantage.

4. Frog Fishing Color Options

Select frog colors based on water clarity and lighting conditions. In muddy water or bright sunlight, opt for darker hues like black. On overcast days or in clear to stained water, choose brighter colors such as chartreuse or white to increase visibility and attract strikes.

5. Choosing The Right Gear

When fishing in dense vegetation, equip yourself with a heavy action rod (around 7’6″) paired with a baitcasting reel spooled with 40-65lb braided line. A medium-heavy casting rod with a fast tip is suitable for most frog fishing situations. Using a high-speed casting reel allows for quick line retrieval, essential for making long-distance hook sets often required in frog fishing.

Bonus Frog Fishing Tips:

  • Trim Your Skirt: Trimming the skirts of your frog bait helps prevent fish from short striking. Leaving one leg of the skirt longer than the other enhances the bait’s walking action, making it more enticing to bass.
  • Walk Your Frog: Utilize a tight line and make quick, hard twitches to your rod tip to make your frog bait walk back and forth on the surface, mimicking the movement of real prey and attracting more strikes.

By incorporating these tips into your frog fishing arsenal, you’ll increase your chances of hooking into more bass and enjoying a successful day on the water.

Images/Source: ShopKarls

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