A Comprehensive Sinker Guide for Northeast Bottom Fishing

In the world of bottom fishing, selecting the right sinker style can significantly impact your success with target species. Whether you’re aiming to keep a tog rig steady, animate teasers in a popcorn rig, or maintain a straight drift when plumbing the depths for tilefish, the choice of sinker is paramount. Explore our guide to the most common sinker styles and discover their optimal uses for bottom fishing.

Bank Sinker This classic sinker shape, readily available at bait and tackle shops, boasts a versatile teardrop design with a sturdy molded inline tie. Ideal for both drift and stationary fishing, bank sinkers excel in heavy currents, ensuring reliable bottom anchoring. Ranging from ½ to 32 ounces, they’re a go-to option for various rigs.

Best Use: Three-Way Rig

Rock Cod Sinker Crafted for rapid descent and stable positioning on the seabed, rock cod sinkers are favored by deep-drop enthusiasts pursuing tilefish. These hefty sinkers, available in sizes up to 4 pounds, resist rolling, making them ideal for deep-water drifts.

Best Use: Deep-Drop Fishing

Cannonball Sinker Characterized by swift descent and an inability to lie flat, cannonball sinkers are perfect for fluke fishermen seeking lively rig movement over the bottom. Their bouncing action makes them a top choice for jigging presentations.

Best Use: Fluke Fishing

Flat Bank Sinker A compact variation of the traditional bank sinker, the flat bank sinker finds favor among wreck anglers, particularly those targeting tautog. Its flat profile minimizes rolling and current interference, ensuring bait stability and reducing snags.

Best Use: Tog Fishing

Egg Sinker Designed for unrestricted line movement, egg sinkers are ideal for targeting suspended fish like tuna or bluefish. Their sliding design allows fish to take the bait without feeling resistance, enhancing hookup rates.

Best Use: Chunking for Bluefish, Tuna

Rubber Core Sinker Engineered for easy attachment and removal from the line, rubber core sinkers provide lightweight support for free-drifted baits, particularly live eels or cut bait. These sinkers enable precise bait placement in the strike zone.

For the ultimate bottom fishing success, choose the sinker style that best matches your target species and fishing technique. Each sinker type brings its own advantages to the table, ensuring an optimized angling experience.

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Images/Source: OnTheWater

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