Optimal Soft Plastic Lure Color for Bass Fishing: Insights from Coach Buck Buchanan

Discover the strategic bass fishing approach that led an Arkansas football coach and seasoned angler, Buck Buchanan, to keep a tackle box labeled “TD Junebug” on his fishing boat, centered around the 6-inch YUM Thump’N Dinger.

Buchanan, the head football coach at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, has developed a deep affinity for the Thump’N Dinger, specifically the 6-inch worm with a curl tail, using it exclusively on a 3/16-ounce jig head. Having honed his bass fishing skills on Lake Texoma in Texas and adapted to Arkansas’s diverse water systems, Buchanan attests to the Thump’N Dinger’s effectiveness year-round.

Regardless of the fishing location or season, Buchanan consistently deploys the Thump’N Dinger in the Junebug color. Describing it as more than a typical shaky head worm, he emphasizes the versatility of the bait, allowing for both a finesse approach and a power fishing technique. The unique design of the Thump’N Dinger, with its standing capability off the bottom and enticing tail action, sets it apart.

Buchanan prefers fishing the Thump’N Dinger on a jig head with light line, avoiding the use of a Texas rig. He appreciates its ideal profile for a 3/16-ounce jig head, enabling him to employ a light rod for both bait casting and spinning. This combination, according to Buchanan, provides the best of both worlds, allowing for effective fishing around cover without getting tangled.

When asked about his preference for the Junebug color, Buchanan simplifies it by stating, “I would love to give a scientific answer as to why I throw Junebug, but it’s what I catch fish on.” He finds the Junebug color stands out in dirty water and does not deter fish in clear water. The distinct purplish tint of the YUM Junebug adds a unique appeal, reminiscent of the purple worms with a white tail used by his grandfather.

In addition to its fish-catching qualities, Buchanan highlights the outstanding value of the Thump’N Dinger, emphasizing its affordability without compromising effectiveness. He uses it with 10-pound fluorocarbon line, a G. Loomis MBR 782 IMX medium baitcasting rod (6-foot-6), and a Shimano Aldebaran MGL baitcasting reel.

Buchanan’s tactical preference for the Thump’N Dinger stems from its ability to sink vertically with precision, making it a versatile choice for various jig heads. He expresses a preference for tungsten versions and recommends using the largest hook possible, such as fours or threes.

Summing up his admiration for the Thump’N Dinger, Buchanan asserts, “If I could only fish one bait, it would be the Thump’N Dinger because you can catch fish all year long on it.” He concludes with a lighthearted commitment, “And if you ever decide to discontinue it, I’ll buy a thousand packages before you make your last run!”

Images/Source: Lurenet

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