Three Buzzbait Hacks to Boost Bass Catch Rates

In the realm of topwater fishing, buzzbaits have earned their place as consistent strike producers, catering to both novice anglers and seasoned professionals. Anglers across the country utilize buzzbaits throughout spring, summer, and fall, but the challenge lies in keeping the bass interested in a bait they may become conditioned to over time. In this article, three innovative buzzbait hacks shared by Shaye Baker aim to enhance your bass-catching success.

1. Adding a Trailer Hook

Surprisingly, many anglers overlook the practice of adding a trailer hook to their buzzbaits. This simple yet effective hack can make a significant difference, especially when bass are not striking the buzzbait aggressively. Whether the bite is off, fish are becoming conditioned, or the water is murky, a trailer hook increases the chances of hooking the bass. Adding a trailer hook is straightforward, and various options with enlarged eyes are available. Ensure the hook is oriented in the same direction as the main hook and use a rubber keeper to prevent slipping during the fight.

2. Swapping the Skirt for a Soft Plastic

While most buzzbaits come with skirts, a growing trend involves swapping out the skirt for a soft plastic. This modification not only changes the bait’s profile but also enhances its versatility. Unlike a buzzbait with a skirt, a modified one with a soft plastic, like a Zoom Horny Toad, becomes skippable. This allows anglers to present the buzzbait in areas where fish are less likely to encounter it, such as under docks. Companies now offer buzzbait/soft plastic combos, providing anglers with ready-to-use options.

3. Adding a Little Squeak

The signature sound of a buzzbait spinning and slapping the water is a crucial attractant for bass. However, when many anglers are using buzzbaits, adding a unique sound can make your bait stand out. One effective way to achieve this is by adding a little squeak to the buzzbait. By straightening the end of the prop shaft, removing the prop, and transforming the round holes in the prop into square ones using a nail with a square point, you can create a distinctive high-pitched squeak. This small modification can make your buzzbait more enticing in situations where bass have become accustomed to the standard buzzing sound.

These three buzzbait hacks offer ways to outsmart bass that may have seen it all. Buzzbaits epitomize the essence of bass fishing, providing memorable strikes and lasting memories. Incorporating these hacks into your buzzbait fishing arsenal may just create a few more unforgettable moments on the water. Happy bass fishing!

Images/Source: MonsterBass

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