Football Jigs Gear Guide

The football jig stands out as a year-round, versatile lure for anglers across various fishing scenarios. With its unparalleled adaptability mimicking crawdads, it appeals to both pros and casual fishermen. This guide offers detailed gear recommendations, modifications, rigging techniques, and tips to enhance your success with this exceptional bait.

Football Jig Rods:

  • Opt for a 7’–7’6″ rod, medium-heavy to heavy power, and fast taper.
  • Longer rods increase casting distance and provide better leverage for hooksets.
  • Essential for covering extensive water, especially near transitions in bottom composition.

Football Jig Reels:

  • Choose a casting reel with a high-speed 7:1 to 8:1 gear ratio.
  • Ensures quick line retrieval, tightens line post-hookset, and keeps the rod loaded.
  • Use a 150- to 200-size reel for ample line capacity, especially in open water casting.

Football Jig Line:

  • Fluorocarbon line enhances action, stays in the strike zone, and offers low stretch.
  • Optimal line weight: 12-20 lbs; 15 lbs is ideal for most situations.
  • Balancing abrasion resistance and smaller diameter for efficient fishing.

Modifications & Rigging:

  • Choose diverse trailer styles based on water temperature and conditions.
  • Trim weedguard and skirt for improved hook-up ratios around sparse cover.
  • Adapt skirt length to avoid impeding trailer action; consider removing it in clear water.
  • Experiment with rattle bands for murky water conditions.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Vary action with sharp rod tip snaps in warmer temperatures.
  • Slow down presentations in colder temperatures to entice lethargic fish.
  • Use subtle shakes when encountering cover for increased bites.
  • Adjust football jig weight and dye trailer appendages for reaction bites.
  • Scent application can enhance performance, especially in challenging conditions.


  • Browns, blacks, and green pumpkin mimic crawfish and suit various scenarios.
  • Experiment with bluegill, crappie, and sunfish patterns during active months.
  • Opt for high-contrast colors like black/blue in poor water clarity.
  • Natural colors excel in clear water, while finesse football jigs are ideal for light-feeding fish.

The football jig, a go-to for exploring deep water structures, remains a fundamental bass fishing technique, delivering that crucial kicker bite on tournament days.

Images/Source: TackleWarehouse

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