Augmented Reality Glasses and LiveScoping are Revolutionizing Bass Fishing

Ed Loughran, a 53-year-old Bassmaster Elite Series pro, recently stepped into the forefront of bass fishing technology by integrating augmented reality glasses with his Garmin LiveScope. This groundbreaking development allows him to have forward-facing sonar data overlay directly on his glasses lens, eliminating the need to constantly glance down at a screen while using LiveScope.

In the realm of professional bass fishing, advanced electronics have been a source of debate. However, forward-facing sonar has rapidly transformed the sport in the past decade. Anglers equipped with this technology can locate and target fish with unprecedented precision. Loughran, though initially skeptical, recognized the necessity of embracing these advancements to stay competitive at the highest level.

Despite not considering himself a tech enthusiast, Loughran spent the offseason working on a solution to avoid straining his neck from prolonged screen-viewing. He successfully connected augmented reality glasses, purchased from a Chinese factory via Amazon, to his LiveScope. This innovation provides a clear window of the outside environment while projecting vital sonar data onto the lenses.

While Loughran acknowledges some drawbacks, such as a tethering cable and occasional challenges with light, he envisions a future with improved, streamlined versions of the technology. The glasses offer a unique advantage, allowing him to shift his gaze seamlessly between the lenses and the trolling motor.

During the Elite Series tournament on Toledo Bend Reservoir, Loughran opted not to use the glasses, citing a reluctance to fully transition from his established fishing methods. However, he recognizes the inevitability of embracing such advancements in the sport.

As a pioneer in this technology-driven era of bass fishing, Loughran’s journey with augmented reality glasses opens new possibilities and raises intriguing questions about the future of the sport.

Images/Source: OutdoorLife

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