Teenager Achieves New West Virginia Record with Massive Tiger Trout Catch

In a remarkable feat, 16-year-old Nathan Smith from Burlington, W.Va., has secured the title of the new state record holder for tiger trout in West Virginia. The impressive catch took place on a Saturday morning at New Creek Dam Site #14 in Mineral County.

While fishing, Nathan noticed a substantial fish surfacing near the bank, prompting him to cast a Gulp minnow toward it. Despite missing the fish on the first attempt, he persisted and succeeded on the third cast, initiating a thrilling six-minute battle with the powerful fish.

Although he sensed it was a substantial catch, Nathan admitted he underestimated its weight. “I thought it was probably five or six pounds,” he shared in an interview with West Virginia Outdoors. However, the realization of the fish’s significance came when he stopped at New Creek, and another angler suggested it might be a state record.

Surpassing all expectations, the tiger trout weighed an astonishing 11.98 pounds when officially certified by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) fish biologist in Romney. This achievement shattered the previous weight record of 10.65 pounds. Despite falling short of the length record, measuring 26.75 inches compared to the standing record of 28.7 inches, Nathan’s catch marked a historic moment in West Virginia fishing.

After certifying the weight at the DNR, Nathan decided to memorialize the catch with a replica mount, showcasing the remarkable achievement. However, before becoming a permanent display, the fish will serve as a source of joy for Nathan’s family in several upcoming meals.

This remarkable catch by a young angler highlights the thrill and surprises that fishing can bring, demonstrating the potential for unexpected records in the world of angling.

Image/Source: WVMetroNews

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