The Only Fishing Weights Guide You’ll Need

Fishing weights or sinkers are essential tools that serve various purposes, including aiding casting distance, securing bait in currents, and adjusting lure presentation. In freshwater fishing, there are three primary types of sinkers: slip sinkers, tie-on weights, and add-on weights. Each type has its applications and benefits.

Top Bass Fishing Weights:

  • Tungsten Bullet Sinkers: WOO! Tungsten Never Chip Flipping Weights
  • Lead Bullet Sinkers: Jenko Fishing Creature Weight
  • Split Shot: Eagle Claw Round Split Shot Weights
  • Barrel Weights: Mustad Tungsten TitanX Carolina Weights
  • Inline Weights: VMC Tungsten Slider Weights
  • Drop Shot Weights: WOO! Tungsten Cylinder Closed Eye Drop Shot Weight
  • Nail Weights: Ark Fishing No Chip Tungsten Nail Weights
  • Add-on Weight: Varivas Nogales TG Grenade and Slim Sinkers
  • Hard Bait Weights: Zappu Board Weights

Types of Fishing Sinkers:

  • Slip Weights: Ideal for Texas-rigging, Carolina-rigging, and specialized rigs.
  • Tie-On Weights: Suitable for live bait fishing and bass fishing setups like drop shots.
  • Add-On Weights: Includes various options for enhancing lure performance and versatility.

Lead vs. Tungsten Fishing Weights:

  • Lead: Affordable and malleable but less dense than tungsten.
  • Tungsten: More expensive but harder, denser, and offers better sonar returns.

Enhance your fishing experience by selecting the right weights for your needs. Explore our top recommendations for bass fishing and learn about the types and benefits of different sinkers. Whether you prefer tungsten for its durability or lead for its affordability, make an informed choice to improve your fishing success.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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