Efficient Storage Solutions for Soft Plastic Baits & Lures

Soft plastic baits are a staple for many anglers, but finding the best way to store them can be a challenge. Let’s explore various storage techniques used by experienced anglers offering insights into which method may suit different fishing styles best.

  1. Combining Packs: Initially, the idea of dumping multiple packs into one large ziplock bag seemed convenient for streamlining storage. However, it quickly became apparent that this method led to more inconvenience than efficiency. Anglers who fish from large boats may find this method impractical, as constantly retrieving baits from a compartment becomes tedious.
  2. Grouping Original Packs: A more organized approach involves storing multiple packs of the same soft plastic bait in either a large ziplock bag or a plastic storage bin. This method allows for easy access to different colors and types of baits while maintaining a clear inventory. It’s particularly beneficial for anglers with limited storage space or those who need to pack light for outings from a kayak or the bank.
  3. In Trays: While less common for some anglers, storing soft plastics in trays offers a neat and compact solution, especially for those fishing from kayaks or the bank. By combining various types of soft plastics into one box, anglers can maintain a diverse selection without carrying excessive weight. Restocking from an organized inventory at home ensures readiness for future trips.

While each method has its advantages and drawbacks, the key is finding what works best for individual preferences and fishing scenarios. Whether sticking to original packaging or opting for tray organization, anglers can optimize their storage systems for a more enjoyable fishing experience.

Images/Source: MonsterBass

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