Spring Bass Bonanza: How to Fish Cypress Trees

Winter is officially over and with it comes a whole new season for angling. Spring is prime time for bass fishing, and cypress trees are a favorite hangout for these spawning fish. Here’s how to target them:

  • Depth Matters: Bass use cypress trees at various depths for spawning and staging. Shallower trees hold spawners, while deeper ones are for staging. Electronics like forward-facing sonar help locate productive trees.

  • Electronics Advantage: Use electronics to find fish hiding near cypress trees. Scott Martin’s forward-facing sonar strategy for deeper beds landed him third place!

  • Isolated Trees Are Prime: Similar to brush piles, isolated cypress trees hold a higher chance of attracting bass. Target these with long, slow casts using wacky rigs or other bottom baits.

  • Mind the Grass: Submerged vegetation around cypress trees limits bait options but can hold plenty of fish. Use moving baits like vibrating jigs or lipless crankbaits and change casting angles to entice them.

  • Bait Selection Basics:

    • Moving baits (vibrating jigs, lipless crankbaits) for cypress trees with vegetation.
    • Wacky rigs or Texas rigs for isolated trees and hard bottoms.
    • Wacky rigs for targeting specific fish with sonar.
    • Texas rigs for bed fishing or covering water.

Fishing cypress trees can be productive and fun. By understanding these tips and using your electronics effectively, you’ll be well on your way to catching bass this spring!

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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