8 Spinnerbait Tips for Springtime Bass Fishing

Spring is a magical time for bass fishing. As the water warms and life bursts back onto the lake, bass become active feeders, searching for food and readying themselves for spawn. This is the prime time to grab your gear and head out to the water, and there’s no better lure to target these springtime bass than a trusty spinnerbait.

1. Seek Out the Warm Water: Bass love warm, comfortable spots. Target calm, protected areas like shallow bays, pockets, and creek arms. These areas warm up faster than the main lake body, attracting baitfish and subsequently, the bass that prey on them.

2. Cover All the Bases (Literally): Since you’re still figuring out where the bass are hiding, start by casting to all the available cover. This could be anything from woody cover like stumps and laydowns to grass, docks, or even rocks. Spinnerbaits excel at covering water and navigating through cover without snagging easily. Keep casting until you get that first bite – it will give you a clue!

3. Learn From Every Bite: Once you hook a bass, pay close attention to where it came from. Were they hanging out near laydown trees by the bank? Maybe they prefer the spot where the laydown meets the grassline or a drop-off. By taking note of these details, you can start to identify a pattern and target similar spots throughout the day.

4. Persistence Pays Off: Once you’ve identified a productive cover area, don’t be afraid to bombard it with repeat casts! Try casting from different angles and depths – you might be surprised by how many more bass you catch in the same spot.

5. Blade Power: The type of blades on your spinnerbait plays a big role. Opt for configurations that provide lift, like the Colorado or willow leaf blades favored by Quinn. These larger, thinner blades create a lot of flash and vibration, while also providing the lift you need to maneuver the lure through cover.

6. Add Some Bling: Don’t underestimate the power of a little extra attraction! Adding a plastic trailer to your spinnerbait can increase your bites. Experiment with different trailers to find what works best for you – consider factors like bulk, profile, and flash.

7. Patience is Key: While the urge to reel in quickly might be strong, resist it! Bass in cold water tend to be lethargic. Use a moderate retrieve speed and focus on a deliberate, medium pace.

8. Give it Life! Don’t just cast and reel passively. Breathe some life into your presentation by using your rod. Try pumping the rod and changing the retrieve angle occasionally. These random pulses and direction changes can be just what it takes to turn a curious bass into a hooked fish.

Spring is calling, and the bass are waiting. Grab your spinnerbait, put these tips into practice, and get ready to experience the thrill of catching springtime bass.

Image/Source: Wired2Fish

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