Fishing Wire 101 – Choosing The Right Wire

When it comes to fishing for toothy critters, using wire leaders is often essential. Some fish, like mackerel, boast sharp teeth that can easily cut through mono or fluoro leaders. While there are exceptions, employing wire leaders significantly increases your chances of landing these feisty fish.

There are primarily two types of wire: multiple strand and single strand. The distinction lies in whether the wire is a single piece or composed of multiple lighter wires braided or twisted together, similar to rope.

Wire leaders come in two main materials: stainless steel and titanium. While some anglers prefer titanium for its flexibility, others, like myself, find stainless steel more reliable and easier to work with.

Single strand wire is stronger and more tooth-resistant for its diameter, making it ideal for stealthy rigs in clear water. On the other hand, multiple strand wire is softer and more flexible, making it easier to handle and tie knots.

The choice between single strand and multiple strand wire depends on your fishing style and preferences. For recreational fishing, where ease of use is paramount, multiple strand wire is often preferred. However, in tournament situations where every fish counts, single strand wire is the go-to option for its strength and reliability.

Ultimately, the best wire for you depends on your fishing goals and situations. Experimenting with both types will help you determine which suits your needs best. In the meantime, consider using multiple strand wire for recreational fishing and transitioning to single strand wire for tournaments where victory is on the line.

Image/Source: PointClickFish

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