Mallard Bay, an App Revolutionizing Guided Hunting and Fishing

The world of guided hunting and fishing is undergoing a digital transformation, thanks to Houston-based startup Mallard Bay. In a sector that has traditionally operated offline, Mallard Bay is bringing the convenience of online booking and the efficiency of vertical SaaS platforms to both consumers and outfitters.

With Americans spending a staggering $144.8 billion on fishing and hunting in 2022 alone, there’s a significant market waiting to be tapped. However, the industry has been slow to embrace digital solutions, with bookings typically made over the phone and payments handled via checks or cash. Mallard Bay aims to change that by providing a seamless online marketplace for booking guided tours, akin to booking a hotel room.

But Mallard Bay isn’t just a booking platform; it’s also a comprehensive SaaS solution for outfitters. Recognizing the need to modernize their operations, Mallard Bay developed Guidetech, a back-office solution that enables outfitters to manage their business more efficiently and access additional services like marketing.

The startup recently announced a successful $4.6 million Series A funding round led by Soul Venture Partners, with participation from existing investor Acadian Capital Ventures and other angel investors. The idea for Mallard Bay stemmed from co-founder and CEO Logan Meaux’s own disappointing hunting experience, which highlighted the need for a more reliable and transparent booking process.

Initially conceived as a simple marketplace, Mallard Bay evolved into a more comprehensive platform in response to feedback from outfitters. By combining their passion for the outdoors with expertise in software development, the Mallard Bay team was able to create a solution that resonated with both consumers and industry professionals.

One key milestone for Mallard Bay was securing hunting influencer Toby Brohlin on the platform, whose presence helped attract more outfitters. With Brohlin alone generating over $1 million in gross bookings, Mallard Bay facilitated over $6 million in gross bookings in 2023 and is projected to reach $30 million to $35 million in 2024.

Despite its success, Mallard Bay faced challenges in securing funding due to investor skepticism and misconceptions about the hunting and fishing industry. However, the team was able to overcome these obstacles by emphasizing the importance of ethical hunting practices and conservation efforts.

Looking ahead, Mallard Bay sees immense potential for growth and innovation. With outdoor activities gaining popularity and niche markets proving lucrative, the startup is poised to capture a larger share of the market and expand the capabilities of Guidetech.

As Mallard Bay continues to revolutionize the guided hunting and fishing industry, it serves as a testament to the untapped opportunities in the outdoor recreation sector and the power of technology to drive meaningful change.

Images/Source: TechCrunch

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