The Bobber Stopper is a Fly Fishing Efficiency Hack You Need to Know

Ever get tired of remeasuring your strike indicator depth after a fish or a log pulls it down? Here’s a clever trick using a common fly fishing tool: the bobber stopper.

Forget what the name suggests! While bobber stoppers keep bobbers in place, here they serve a different purpose. They act as a depth marker for your strike indicator, saving you time on the water.

Who should use this?

This tip is perfect for anglers who use strike indicators, especially for techniques like Chironomid fishing where precise depth control is key. If you prefer a simpler setup, that’s totally fine! This trick is for those who want to maximize their fishing time.

How it works:

  1. Attach the bobber stopper above your strike indicator on the leader.
  2. Set your strike indicator to the desired fishing depth.
  3. Slide the bobber stopper down the leader until it rests just above the indicator.
  4. Now, when a fish pulls the indicator down, simply slide it back below the bobber stopper to reset the depth quickly.


  • Faster resets: No more wasting time remeasuring depth after every catch.
  • Simple and efficient: Easy to use and keeps your fly in the water longer.
  • Convenient: Doesn’t interfere with casting or fighting fish.

The Old Way vs. The Bobber Stopper Way:

  • Before: Re-measure depth with your arm span (inaccurate!), use a permanent marker (confusing!), or reattach forceps (time-consuming!).
  • After: Simply reset the indicator below the bobber stopper. Cast again. Catch more fish!

Give it a try!

This bobber stopper trick can significantly improve your fly fishing efficiency. With less time spent remeasuring depth, you can focus on casting, catching, and enjoying the day on the water.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below to learn how to use bobber stoppers and reset your indicator in seconds!

Images/Source: BrokenTippet

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