Top 10 Tips for Spring/Summer Wet Wading

Wet wading is gaining popularity even in regions far from tropical climates. Not only is it a delightful way to fish during warm summer months, but it also opens up new areas and possibilities for anglers by allowing them to wade deeper or cross rivers.

While wet wading has long been practiced in tropical flats and New Zealand rivers, it’s now captivating more fly fishers in Europe. This growing interest is not just due to increasingly hot summers but also because it’s simply more enjoyable than standing on the bank in waders when temperatures soar above 25 degrees Celsius. Despite the comfort provided by modern breathable waders, they can still become uncomfortably warm during active movement in high temperatures. Moreover, excessive heat can disrupt the body’s natural temperature regulation, leading to symptoms like headaches or heat stroke. Wet wading not only enhances the fishing experience during summer but also offers protection to the body and opens up new fishing opportunities by eliminating the limitations posed by waders.

Here are the top 10 tips for wet wading:

  1. Choose the Right Pants: Opt for lightweight, quick-drying pants instead of waders. Select either short or long pants based on the fishing location and vegetation.
  2. Use Proper Socks: Wear wet wading socks to ensure a snug fit in your wading shoes and prevent discomfort and potential injuries.
  3. Invest in Quality Shoes: Select lightweight, well-fitting wading shoes to ensure comfort during constant movement while fishing.
  4. Select Appropriate Shirts: Wear synthetic shirts for effective sun protection, quick drying, and moisture-wicking properties.
  5. Pack Waterproof Bags: Waterproof bags or backpacks are essential to protect belongings while wading in water.
  6. Wear Polarized Glasses: Polarized glasses offer UV protection and aid in spotting fish and hazards in the water.
  7. Wear Caps or Hats: Headgear provides additional protection from UV rays, especially when wading in water with amplified reflections.
  8. Carry a Thermos: Stay hydrated by carrying a thermos filled with cold drinks to prevent dehydration during hot summer days.
  9. Use Mosquito and Tick Protection: Wear long pants and sleeves and apply insect repellent to protect against mosquito and tick bites.
  10. Bring a Wading Stick: A wading stick provides stability and helps gauge water depth when wading in swift currents.

Wet wading in summer offers a fantastic fishing experience, and with the right equipment, it can be more comfortable than wearing waders.

Images/Source: ADHFishing

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