Maryland Welcomes a New Fallfish Fishing Champion with Record Catch

Westernport angler, Blake Cronk, has reeled in a whopper, not just any whopper, but a Maryland state record fallfish! This impressive catch, weighing in at a hefty 3.2 pounds, dethrones the previous record of 3.0 pounds set in June 2023.

Cronk snagged the record-breaking fish on April 1st while fishing the North Branch of the Potomac River near Westernport. Interestingly, he was using tackle meant for trout when this unexpected battler took the bait! “It put up a good fight,” Cronk remarked, “At first, I thought it might be a brown trout, but its fighting style gave it away.”

The newly crowned champion shared that the area is known for harboring these sizable fallfish, adding to the excitement of the catch. Fallfish, the largest minnow species native to the mid-Atlantic, are becoming increasingly popular among sports anglers due to their impressive size (reaching over 19 inches!), spirited fights, and acrobatic leaps when hooked.

Cronk’s record-breaking feat was officially recognized by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The fish was weighed on a certified scale and confirmed by DNR biologist Matt Sell.

The DNR maintains fishing records across four categories: Atlantic, Chesapeake, Nontidal, and Invasive. Anglers who suspect they might have a record-breaking catch can download a state record application and contact the DNR at 443-569-1398. The DNR recommends keeping the fish chilled in ice water to preserve its weight for verification and certification purposes.

Congratulations to Mr. Cronk for this impressive catch! His record-breaking fallfish adds another chapter to Maryland’s exciting fishing scene.

Image/Source: NewsMarylandGov

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