New Richmond Teen Reels in Potential Ohio State Record Blue Catfish

Calling all catfishing enthusiasts! A 15-year-old angler from New Richmond, Jaylynn Parker, might have just snagged the biggest blue catfish ever caught in Ohio!

A Lifelong Love of Fishing:

Jaylynn, a sophomore at New Richmond High School, has been practically raised on the water. Fishing with her parents, Kristen and Chuck Parker, since she was a toddler, catfishing has always been a family tradition. A few years ago, they even took up jug fishing, a technique using baited hooks attached to floating jugs.

Battling a Beast:

Last Sunday, while jug fishing on the Ohio River, Jaylynn hooked into a monster! The catfish, estimated to weigh nearly as much as Jaylynn herself, required help from her dad and friend, Jeff Sams, to land. At 56 inches long and 39 inches around, it was clear this was no ordinary catch.

Record-Breaking Potential:

With dreams of claiming the Ohio blue catfish record, the Parkers faced a hurdle. To qualify, the fish needed to be weighed on a certified scale. With nearby certified locations closed on Sunday evening, they took the extraordinary step of transporting the catfish home and placing it in a secure bait tank. Thankfully, Chuck’s dedication throughout the night ensured the fish’s health.

The Weigh-In and Recognition:

The next morning, the wait was over! Bethel Feed & Supply’s certified scale confirmed the catfish weighed a whopping 101.11 pounds, shattering the previous record of 96 pounds set in 2009. News of the potential record catch is headed to the Ohio Record Fish Committee for official review.

Jugging Up Controversy:

Jaylynn’s impressive catch has stirred some debate, with some questioning the use of jug fishing. However, Kristen Parker defends the method, emphasizing it followed all regulations. The inspecting game wardens would have identified any violations.

Looking Ahead:

Unfazed by the criticism, Jaylynn remains passionate about fishing, spending most of her free time chasing catfish. While cosmetology is another passion, as evidenced by her creative TikTok videos, fishing provides a unique sense of peace and joy.

Does the Future Hold Even Bigger Catfish?:

With a determined glint in her eye, Jaylynn simply replies, “Oh yeah!” This record-breaking catch is sure to inspire Jaylynn and other young anglers to keep their lines tight and dreams big!


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