Finesse Fishing with Jigs and Minnows: A Bass Fishing Trend

Bass fishing is seeing a rise in finesse techniques, particularly using jigs and minnow plastics with forward-facing sonar. This approach excels in pressured fisheries and for catching wary fish.

History of the Technique:

  • Damiki Rigging (2012): Small plastics on ball heads, ideal for vertical jigging in clear, cold water.
  • Moping (2011): Pitching jigs with minnow plastics and letting them sit near the bottom to entice bites.
  • Crappie Jigging: Adapted from crappie fishing, using small jigs and plastics with great success on bass.
  • Hover Strolling: Finesse technique using a jig with a nail weight, offering a different action than a jig head.
  • Cindy Rigging: A finesse jig and minnow combo named after an angler’s wife who excelled with the technique.

Why It’s Gaining Popularity:

  • Forward-facing sonar: Allows anglers to precisely target fish and present lures effectively.
  • Pressured fisheries: Bass are becoming more cautious, requiring more natural presentations.
  • Finesse presentations: Can outperform aggressive tactics in certain situations.

The Future of Jigs and Minnows:

Expect to see continued development in jig and minnow combinations, with new offerings and presentation methods emerging.

Get Started with Finesse Fishing:

The author will share their favorite jig and minnow combinations for bass fishing in a future post.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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