Spring Bass Tactics: Finesse Power Shot with BFS Reels

Spring is prime time for bass fishing, and Arizona angler Josh Bertrand shows us a technique that combines finesse and power: the Bait Finesse System (BFS) power shot. This approach excels in clear water with woody cover, where precise casts and subtle presentations are key.

The BFS Advantage

Bertrand’s setup utilizes a lightweight BFS reel paired with a 7-foot medium-power casting rod. This combo delivers several benefits:

  • Accurate Casting: Make those pinpoint pitches to hidden bass in cover.
  • Superior Control: Battle hooked fish away from snags with more muscle.
  • Finesse Presentation: The BFS reel allows for a light (1/4-ounce) drop shot weight and a 6-inch finesse worm, ideal for wary spring bass.

Line Choice for BFS Power Shot

For optimal performance, Bertrand uses a braided main line connected to a fluorocarbon leader with an FG or Crazy Alberto knot. This combination offers:

  • Long Casts: Braid shoots off the reel for reaching distant targets.
  • Reduced Line Twist: Braid minimizes tangles during casting and retrieves.
  • Invisibility: Fluorocarbon leader adds stealth, crucial for clear water.

The Best of Both Worlds

This BFS power shot setup offers the best aspects of spinning and baitcasting setups:

  • Finesse: Like a spinning setup, it excels at delicate presentations.
  • Power: Delivers the muscle of baitcasting gear for fighting fish in cover.

Embrace New Adaptations

Josh Bertrand’s innovative approach proves that there’s always room for improvement in fishing techniques. This BFS power shot is a practical twist on the classic drop shot method, giving bass anglers a new weapon for their arsenal.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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