The Art of Walleye Fishing with Panther Martins

The walleye, a prized catch for anglers of all experience levels, thrives in cooler waters and offers a thrilling fight. But understanding their behavior is key to consistent success. This guide dives deep into walleye secrets and equips you with the perfect Panther Martin lures to conquer your next fishing adventure.

When and Where to Find Walleye

Prime walleye season kicks off in late spring after their spawn. They favor deep edges of shallow flats, slow-moving rivers, and calm pockets below dams. Look for them in shady areas during midday and target them in shallows at dawn, dusk, or under heavy clouds.

Understanding Walleye Behavior

Walleye are light feeders, so use sensitive spinning gear to detect their subtle bites. They tend to stay near the bottom but can suspend anywhere in the water column. Watch for environmental cues – strong winds can push baitfish towards walleye, while cloudy conditions trigger feeding activity.

Panther Martin Lures: Match the Bite

Shallow Water:

  • Size 6-9 Classic: Silver, FishSeeUV Dressed (orange/white/blue), or Nature Series Bull Frog – Entice finicky walleye in low-light conditions.

Deep Water:

  • Size 9-15 TailWagger: Albino red eye or chartreuse holographic – Perfect for reaching deep-dwelling walleye on sunny days.

Open Water:

  • Sonic SizzleTail: Silver Chartreuse Silver Flake, Silver Chartreuse Silver Flake, or Silver White Ice – Cast and countdown to target suspended fish.

Tips and Techniques:

  • Nightcrawler: Add half a nightcrawler to any Panther Martin for extra appeal.
  • Trolling: Use a Classic Holographic spinner with a minnow or perch fillet at 100-150 feet behind your boat.
  • Deep Trolling: Employ weighted lines or downriggers with your Panther Martin spinners.
  • Murky Water: Hammered spinners, Vibrant Image spinners, and FishSeeUV Tailwaggers excel in low-visibility conditions.
  • Mid-Depth: Slowly work a Classic in green florescent to target suspended walleye.
  • Thermocline: Use a Vivif Style Spinner Minnow to reach fish holding just above the thermocline.
  • Drop-offs & Ledges: Jig a silver or gold Classic Red Hook spinner for trophy fish.
  • Low-Light & Discolored Water: Holy Hammered spinners, especially Brookie and Sunfish patterns, are ideal choices.

Walleye: Interesting Facts

  • Early-mid spring offers the best bite as food sources are scarce.
  • They require high oxygen levels and may suspend in shallower depths during hot summers.
  • Walleye are the largest perch family member, distinct from sauger by their white tail tip.
  • Highly mobile, they can travel up to 50 miles in a single night.
  • Females grow larger and live longer than males.
  • Walleye thrive in warmer water than trout but cooler than bluegill and bass.
  • Exceptionally prolific, females lay up to 600,000 eggs per year.
  • Handle them with care – their dorsal fins and teeth are sharp.
  • Walleye lack blue and yellow color vision, seeing the world in shades of green and red.

Armed with this knowledge and the right Panther Martin lures, you’re well on your way to walleye fishing success. So, grab your gear, tie on a Panther Martin, and experience the thrill of catching this magnificent fish!

Image/Source: PatherMartin

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