Palomar Vs. Uni Knot, Which is Better for Braided Line

Ever wondered which knot reigns supreme for braided line? In this fishing knot showdown, we put the classic Palomar Knot head-to-head with the ever-reliable Uni Knot.

While both knots boast a long history and secure hold, the question remains: is one truly better for braided line?

The answer? Yes, and the winner is… the Uni Knot!

Why the Uni Knot Wins:

  • Breaking Strength: Through machine testing, the Uni Knot emerged victorious with an average breaking strength of 20.21 lbs., surpassing the Palomar Knot’s 18.36 lbs. This translates to an impressive 8% strength advantage for the Uni Knot.

Testing Methodology:

  • Lines were tied with both knots to separate swivels.
  • A knot strength testing machine applied tension until a break occurred.
  • Multiple tests with the Uni Knot established its consistent strength.

The Final Verdict:

Every angler knows the importance of a strong knot, especially when battling a trophy catch. With an 8% edge in strength, the Uni Knot offers peace of mind when using braided line. So, the next time you reach for your braided line, consider the Uni Knot for a reliable and powerful connection.

Image/Source: SaltStrong

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