Catch More Fish with Hopper Fishing

Forget fancy fly rods! This guide shows you how to use spinning gear and hopper lures to catch a variety of fish, from bluegill to bass and even trout.

Why Hopper Fishing is Awesome:

  • Mimics Easy Prey: These lures look and act like real grasshoppers and crickets, a tasty treat for many fish.
  • Multiple Species: Target trout, bluegill, bass and more!
  • Works Anywhere: Fish hoppers in still or moving water, near banks or under overhanging trees.

Gear Up:

  • Spinning Rod & Reel: Easy to cast and use, even in windy conditions.
  • Rebel Crickhopper or Bighopper: These lures float naturally and come in sizes to match different insects.

Fishing Techniques:

  • Twitching: Short, sharp rod movements make the lure dance on the surface, mimicking a struggling insect.
  • Waking: Slowly reel with your rod tip high, creating ripples like a swimming insect.
  • Pausing: Let the lure rest to imitate a confused insect trying to find land.
  • Dead Drifting (streams): Let the current carry the lure naturally.

Matching the Hatch:

  • Look for real grasshoppers or crickets near the water to choose the right lure color and size.
  • Experiment with different colors and sizes, fish can be picky!

Bighopper vs. Crickhopper:

  • Bighopper: Easier to cast, attracts bigger fish.
  • Crickhopper: Smaller profile, good for smaller fish or those preferring a bug-sized snack.

Bonus Tip: Hopper & Dropper Rig

  • Use a MicroCrickhopper (single hook) with a fly dangling below on a dropper line.
  • The hopper attracts fish, the fly entices them to bite.
  • Great option for fish hesitant to take the topwater lure.


  • Experiment with presentation styles and pauses to find what works best each day.
  • Have fun and enjoy catching fish with this exciting technique!

Images/Source: Lurenet

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