Kentucky Angler’s Texas Triumph: Monster Turtle and Record-Breaking Gar

Kentucky angler Art Weston’s recent fishing trip to Texas was an adventure unlike any other. While aiming to break a record for alligator gar, Weston reeled in a surprising catch – a colossal, 200-pound alligator snapping turtle!

Weston, accompanied by his guide Captain Kirk Kirkland, returned to Sam Rayburn Lake, the site of his previous record-breaking alligator gar in the fall. Their mission this time: to surpass that feat with another giant gar.

The duo faced challenges throughout the day, losing a potentially record-breaking fish in flooded timber. However, their perseverance paid off when Weston hooked a “monstrous beast” – the massive alligator snapping turtle.

The prehistoric creature put up a fight, taking Weston 30 minutes to reel in. Removing the hook lodged in its foot proved tricky, as the enormous turtle threatened with bites and claws. Captain Kirkland described the process of securing the turtle, eventually releasing it after capturing photos.

This impressive catch, estimated to be one of the heaviest ever recorded in Texas, was just the beginning of Weston’s success. The very next day, his determination paid off. After an hour-long battle, he landed a record-breaking alligator gar – a staggering 188 pounds!

Weston used a four-pound line, exceeding the requirements for a line-class record. If approved by the International Game and Fishing Association, this catch would shatter the existing record of 117 pounds 3 ounces. This achievement would mark Weston’s 10th world record for alligator gar and his 38th overall fishing record.

Following proper catch-and-release practices, Weston and Kirkland released the record-breaking gar back into the lake. Their Texas adventure proved that patience and skill can lead to extraordinary catches, both expected and unexpected.

Images/Source: DailyMail

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