Missouri Man Reels in Invasive Snakehead During Night Fishing Trip

Surprise Catch in Wayne County

Josh Shipman, fishing in Wayne County, Missouri, landed a catch that sent shivers down the spine (or perhaps fins) of local fisheries officials. What he thought might be a monster bass turned out to be a much more unwelcome visitor: a northern snakehead.

Invasive Threat

Snakeheads are invasive predators that pose a serious threat to native fish populations. Experts urge anglers to report and remove these fish whenever encountered. Eric Lemons of the Army Corps of Engineers emphasized the importance of controlling snakehead numbers due to their rapid reproduction and ability to survive in harsh conditions, including traveling overland through wet areas.

Fifth Find in Missouri?

Shipman’s catch, reeled in at 9 pm below the Wappapello Lake Dam on Wednesday, could be the fifth confirmed sighting of a northern snakehead in Missouri. However, the story takes an unexpected turn.

Escape Artist

Shipman opted to keep the fish alive, placing it in a cooler. Unfortunately, the crafty snakehead managed to escape during the night, wriggling free and hiding under a car. This highlights the snakehead’s unique ability to breathe air and survive out of water for extended periods.

Image/Source: WVLT8


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