STEEZ Real Control Fishing Rods: High-Tech, High-Priced, and Limited Edition

A new, high-end fishing rod series by Daiwa has generated excitement due to its limited availability and exceptional features.

First Impression

Upon holding the rod, it feels incredibly light and technologically advanced. The experience is unlike any other, according to reports.

Where to Find One

These rods are currently difficult to find and were only released in very limited quantities. A quick online search revealed only a few eBay listings and one retailer with any stock.

What Are These Rods Designed For?

These rods are not a signature series, but rather designed for the specific techniques of Japanese bass fishing phenom, Kyoyo Fujita. The rods are believed to be ideal for forward-facing sonar fishing techniques.

The Details

  • The rods are part of the Daiwa STEEZ Real Control line.
  • Four models are available: STEEZRC73HFB, STEEZRC510XULFS, STEEZRC61LFS, and STEEZRC68MHFS.
  • Prices start at $1299.99.
  • The blank construction varies depending on the model but all are lightweight and strong.
  • The rods feature Daiwa’s AGS Carbon Fiber Guides.

Things to Consider Before Buying

These rods are not for everyone. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a high-end fishing rod:

  • How important is every fish you catch? For professional anglers, one extra fish can significantly impact their success.
  • What techniques do you use? These rods are designed for a specific technique.
  • Are expensive fishing rods worth it? For professional anglers or those who appreciate high-end equipment, the cost may be justified.

The exceptional features and limited availability of these rods have generated excitement. While they may not be practical for everyone, these rods showcase advancements in fishing technology that will eventually trickle down to more affordable products.

Images/Source: MensJournal

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